Homemade Blackberry Preserve

                                                              It is as healthy to enjoy a sentiment as to enjoy jam.                             
                                                                                                                                                          - Gilbert K.

In this case, preserves and what sentiment? the feeling of making your own preserves and jams is to be enjoyed you see....

Not only homemade preserves and jams are healthier than the store bought ones, they also have a much better taste and keep well when stored in the refrigerator. Also, you are not bound to use fresh fruits, frozen fruits make an equally good preserve.

As much as I like jams, I ensure to make preserves very often....for all the fruit chunks in them unlike bits in a jam, it's wonderful as a topping on pancakes, to be spread on breads or just to lick them off a spoon! slurrppp

With just two ingredients, blackberries and sugar, this Blackberry preserve recipe is extremely simple and quick to make. Toss them together, cook until setting point has reached, ladle in the jars and that's it! YOU ARE DONE!! I added butter along with the berries and sugar since it reduces foaming but you may skip it altogether.Feel free to replace blackberries with any other berries, but do you really want to do so? :D

As with all with my jam and preserve recipes till now like the Wild Blueberry Preserve and Strawberry Jam there is no pectin and canning involved. That means you will have to cook a little longer and need to store the preserve in the fridge. Also since this is a preserve, it's got the blackberry seeds in it. If you want to make seedless, check this Raspberry Jam recipe and replicate the method to remove seeds.

Let's get on to making this then.

Recipe Source: Bakingyummies

Makes more than a pound of Blackberry Preserve / about five 8 ounce jars.

700 grams / 25 ounces / 5 cups fresh or frozen(unthawed) blackberries.
700 grams / 25 ounces / 3.5 cups granulated sugar (you might need more or less depending on sweetness of the blackberries), my blackberries were on the sour side.
1/2 teaspoon unsalted butter, optional.

Tip in the blackberries in a wide heavy bottom pan and add the sugar. Mix and leave aside for half an hour. If using frozen blackberries, leave aside till the blackberries are completely thawed and are at room temperature. Mix. Keep a small platter or a plate in the freezer.

Place the pan on a low flame and stirring continuously, cook till all the sugar is dissolved. Add the butter if using. Increase the flame to high and cook till the mixture thickens a little about 4 to 5 minutes. Take the pan off the flame and mash a little.

Remove the platter from the freezer and drop just a little preserve on it. Tip the platter back in the freezer for just 2 minutes.

Remove the platter again and push the drop of preserve gently with your index finger. If wrinkles are formed on the surface of the preserve, it's cooked and has reached the setting stage. If not, then place the platter in the freezer again and cook the mixture for a minute or two more. Check again for the setting point on the platter.

Once the preserve is ready, turn off the flame and after about 10 minutes, pour the preserve in a sterilized air tight glass container. Once the preserve is at room temperature, keep it in the fridge.

Storage Suggestions: The preserve can be stored in the refrigerator for at least 3 months.

Enjoy your home made and preservative free Blackberry Preserve.

Happy Jamming!!

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